Pillowcase is a Four Island project, majorly operated by hatkirby, though it is possible that other people may have contributed to it (see contributing).

Pillowcase is a webcomic about.... you guessed it, a Pillowcase. While ordinarily this may seem drab and boring, some people can be insane very imaginative. This comic updates daily with a new short edition of the Pillowcase's latest act of insanity.

Pillowcase was originally a fake news story on another Four Island project, True Falsities (the story). It was a short story about how Bluemonkey (a Four Island regular), after going a bit insane, started a webcomic called "Pillowcase". The story was written by hatkirby, so he is not stealing anyone's ideas. Anyway, after writing the story and providing the first 11 Pillowcase comics with it, hatkirby went a little Pillowcase-insane and turned it into a real webcomic.