Aha, contributing! Hatkirby admits that he isn't the only person on Earth. If you wish to contribute a comic to Pillowcase, you can. But you have to follow the procedure below.

First, of course, you have to actually write the comic. You can download the template here. There are some rules about how you can layout the comic, though.

Second, come up with a title and some alt text (a.k.a. the addendum that appears when you hover over the comic with your mouse).

Finally, fill out the form below. Upload your comic in the appropriate field. If you wish to be credited for your comic, fill out the Author field as well. Submit the form and your comic will be added to the moderation list where hatkirby will review it and (hopefully!) put it on the pending list!


Hatkirby's suddenly lost all hope in his programming (for the time being), so instead of filling out a form, please contact him with the comic image and the required details. Thanks!